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Awake in Silence

by Coronado

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Yetiman It's hard to pick a favorite. All of these songs travel their own path through dense destructive woods and back out into open flowing fields to only lead you back into the woods and their darkness and your despair. Amazing stuff. Favorite track: Awake: The Discovery.
Cameron Hicks
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Cameron Hicks Once i heard the album Origin by Coronado, I obviously had to backtrack and see the progression. I didn't realize that this guy was so good even this early. Favorite track: Design: The Immortal (feat. Zach Sebastian).
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released February 29, 2012




Steven Ostroske Columbus, Ohio

Hi I'm Steven. I live in Ohio, I enjoy long walks on the beach, and I write songs.

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Track Name: Premonition: The Dream
Born of a relentless dream

A lesson to be learned
The unspoken words

The voices ring from an ever-growing distance
Will we become the creator or the witness?
Track Name: Advent: The Memory
The memory breathes out through another resounding verse
But I never let the undeserved speak the echoed words

I only wonder, if we had closure
Would you still seek another source;
Source to break the confusion?

I know I should try to move on
And I know I should take control
To escape; to let you go

Though you know you left me out to dry
Before you take one more breath, realize:

I can't spend my time
Hoping I'll wake up from the terrible dream
I can't spend my time
Hoping I'll wake up next to you

You gave the sudden farewell
An absolute decay
But I gave in when I backed out
Upon the advent of doubt

Break the ultimate failure
No one should ever deserve

The memory breathes from another reflection
The echoed verse defined
Track Name: Desire: The Silence
Desire that burns from the inside out

Entwined with the day you let go
(You are the inspiration)
Silence so deep you could never know
(You let your best intentions burn)

If I could tear down the sky
(Burn away)
If I could black out the sun

Desire that burns from the inside out

I left you alone
And I wish I could have known that you'd come back
That you could take it back
To carry me home

Don't let time take you away
We won't close our eyes
We won't forget this day

Wave your hands across the sky
Let's hold back this cloud before it comes crashing down

You; you can still restore
Don't turn away

Wave your hands across the sky
Let's hold back this cloud before it comes crashing down;
Crashing down

Tell me it can't be wrong
Where has all the silence gone
(The desire)
Released from holding on
A wave of tension's come undone

You can't turn away
Track Name: Decay: The Absolute
In time, you'll know the severity
Breathe at last; watch their world decay
It's only the beginning; only the beginning
Track Name: Images: The Faceless
Turn up a new side
Not just the cynic will become the faceless
In taking back from the ones you should've left alone,
You can't keep your own

Recreate the forgotten moments we've erased; we've erased
To awaken the constant motion redefining our continuation

Take your flame; break this cloud
To create a future without shame
Ignite the hope
You won't be forgotten

Escape the predictable outcome

There is no end to the disconnection
There is no other way to renew the sincerity

Turn up a new side
Don't let your element be the echo of the faceless
When you realize that you can't take away from what you know,
You will keep your own

Looking at what you'd become
The way you seemed so aggravated
Just step aside; come alive to revive what's inside:
The familiar sentience

Let it go
Don't let the inhibition take control
Take control
Revive the familiar sentience

Take control
The image is now clear

Escape the predictable outcome
Don't let the images pale the spectrum

Believe nothing short of one thousand dreams
Your resonance will never cease

Your resonance will never cease
Track Name: Design: The Immortal (feat. Zach Sebastian)
Proven of existence

You played on the notion that we'd been given back; given back to the sky
Stand up to come clean for humanity

Since when has the fortune faded?
Has it been so long as to waive our existence?
The descent had begun as of the second you turned away

Was it worth it?
We were one and the same, our devotion sustained

You'll never see through immortal eyes
It's fallen into your hands

How did you think that you could live forever?

This is what we've become:
A worthless ornament

You will never see;
You will never see through immortal eyes
Track Name: Awake: The Discovery
We all need an answer
We paid the ultimate price
We will awake a new life

Breathe; sensations slowly fade
Exponential gravitation
An ever-growing horizon
We will awaken into a new life

You set the spark beneath what you'd contained
I won't become the air to fuel this flame
You cannot deny; open your eyes

You're not the chosen one
You're not the anchor
Nothing's predetermined

Awaken a new life
We have now come full circle

You have been discovered

Open your eyes
Track Name: Rediscover: The Forgotten
Will they hear us?
Will they fear us?
Will we become just a faint memory,
Lost in the midst of all we've forgotten;
All we've left; all we've left behind?

I'll never walk away
I'll never let you down
You won't see me falling to the ground
We can escape this change
A little ripple goes a long way

I believe that this is not over
And I believe that we can rediscover ourselves
I believe that this has just begun

The burning question
An endless desire
We found the reason

So we create the solution
With the lessons we have learned
We will not be the forgotten

Never will we stand in each other's shadow
Forever redefined, we won't be the forgotten