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Bright Lights

by Say I Am

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Bright Lights consists of two new songs, as well as a reworking of two older songs from my first release, Shades.

The new songs will be recorded as "full band" versions for my upcoming and currently untitled full-length, however I originally wrote them the way they're heard here.


released April 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Steven Ostroske Columbus, Ohio

Hi I'm Steven. I live in Ohio, I enjoy long walks on the beach, and I write songs.

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Track Name: You Were Not
I can feel the foundation fall beneath
I can hear silence swallow everything
Close your eyes; escape into a dream
So you can be all right

Please don't ever sway the balance
You know you have the chance to wait
The storm is slowly passing over
I know that you were not to blame

If it's what you want, then it's what you need
You could my hand if only we could reach
Hold on one more day

Don't hear the words that leave you breathless
What rings at first doesn't have to be endless
Track Name: Another Day
Years ago I thought I cared
Moving quickly, unaware
I’m waiting for a gift again
Now it’s slowly sinking in
Oh where do I begin?

I will tell you what is best
And I will leave out all the rest
Please believe I’ll make it there
Don’t you wonder if I’m scared?
No, it’s dangerous to compare

Well the worst of me found the worst of you
Just pull me from the bottom when you're passing through
I can’t believe you never cut me out at first
Well it could've been much worse

So it’s come to this, I believe it’s true
I hate the way you said I was the best you knew
I have to be the one that isn't falling in
Oh another week...

This apathy, it never came from you
But I hate the way you tell me that you still approve
I have to be the one that isn’t falling in
Oh another day I won't give a shit
Track Name: Breed
The air in the night breathed a darker shade
Smoke in the bright fell through the pane

A call to the sky shone a brighter light
A calming of tides that I could not revive
Thrown by the sight, an ending seemed right
You never tried to see the other side

Millions of fears awoken deep inside
Through all the years, I never have questioned why
Track Name: Tiny Mountains
Walk with me now; wade through the crowd
I'll take you away to the comfort I’ve found
But most of them still say what they will
You beg and you plead, down on your knees you scream:

Give me a thrill, take what you will

Walk with me now; fall to the ground
But I won’t lift you up, no, I won't turn around
Remember the life you wish you could lead
Whenever you climb the tiny mountains you meet

Wait for the kill, try and keep still
Give me a thrill, take what you will

I will hold on to you
I will save my breath at every place, in every way you choose
I will hold on for you
I will clear the way of everything; the mountains that you move