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Life is Hard & Everything is Sad

by Coronado

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Joseph Nicely
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Joseph Nicely This album is so bad that I bought it just to make fun of it.

Favorite track: Axis.
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This is a very serious album about how sad things can be. I've included some of my photographs that I believe really capture the sadness and loneliness of life.
(This is just a bunch of songs I've either re-recorded, or finished but never "released")


released March 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Steven Ostroske Columbus, Ohio

Hi I'm Steven. I live in Ohio, I enjoy long walks on the beach, and I write songs.

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Track Name: Sleepless
Can we make the axis bend?
Can we make the axis bend?
Can we make the axis bend?
Can we make the axis bend?
Can we make the axis bend?
Can we make the axis bend?
Track Name: Images
Turn up a new side, not just the cynic will become the faceless
In taking back from the ones you should have left alone, you can't keep your own

Recreate the forgotten moments we've erased
To awaken the constant motion
We're defining our continuation

Take your flame, break this cloud
To create a future without shame, ignite the hope
You won't be forgotten

Escape the predictable outcome

There is no end to the disconnection
There is no other way to renew the sincerity

Turn up a new side, don't let your element be the echo of the faceless
When you realize you can't take away from what you know, you will keep your own

Looking at what you've become, the way you seem so aggravated
Just step aside, come alive, to revive what's inside; the familiar sentience
Let it go, don't let the inhibition take control
Revive the familiar sentience

Take control, the image is now clear
Escape the predictable outcome, don't let the images pale the spectrum

Believe nothing short of one thousand dreams
Your resonance will never cease
Track Name: The Axis Wouldn't Bend
Mistake, mistake, to pull the strings
Our fragile walls will crumble down
Take my place, let me fade away
Lie to me while you still have a chance to speak

We're six feet under
We're slowing down
Dig me out

If this is a game, is it a game worth winning?
If this is a dream, is it a dream worth living?
All for one, one for nothing
All for one, stand for nothing

If we can't find a cause, let's make something bigger
Looking out to stay inside, is it worse than living in an empty lie?
How long can we stand with the enemy beside?
If we can find a gun, let's pull the trigger
Track Name: Sad, I Am
*crying sounds*
Track Name: Rediscover
Will they hear us?
Will they fear us?
Will we become just a faint memory
Lost in the midst of all we've forgotten;
All we've left behind?

I'll never walk away, I'll never let you down
You won't see me falling to the ground
We can't escape this change
A little ripple goes a long way

I believe that this is not over
And I believe that we can rediscover ourselves
I believe that this has just begun

The burning question, soft-spoken
An endless desire; we found the reason
So we create the solution with the lessons we have learned
We will not be the forgotten