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by Coronado

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Written and recorded by Steven Ostroske in Athens and Columbus, Ohio.
Artwork by Joe Hawkins -


released July 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Steven Ostroske Columbus, Ohio

Hi I'm Steven. I live in Ohio, I enjoy long walks on the beach, and I write songs.

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Track Name: Every Question
Are you undone? Are you listening?
We've woken from another temporary dream
On vacant lines, silence relies
I've tried to define how you keep this from my eyes

Out of sight, out of mind
Can we reclaim all our lost time?
What are we running from?

I'm every question that's burned inside the back of your mind
I'll make you consciously feed into your latent hunger

No love, no loss
Are we meant to find out before it's over?
Track Name: Flicker
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Track Name: As Loud as Thunder
The sunlight could find an opening in the sky
And I couldn't make you look away if I tried

Take the blame we can't explain
Constraint, you gave me

Balance left behind your wake
Take me when you fall
(What will become of this madness?)

If I called your name as loud as thunder
Would you embrace what still remains, with the energy stronger?

Rewrite the ending we thought could not be undone
Track Name: Axis
Can we make the axis bend?
Is truth a state we can comprehend?
Can we throw belief aside?
Is the energy strong enough to break the lines?

Fade in slowly; forget what you've been told
Embrace your awakening

Intertwine with the sleepless mind
Keep your closed eyes open, your 'self' magnified
Intertwine with the sleepless mind
Intertwine with the sleepless mind

Can we make the axis bend?
Is truth a state we can comprehend?
Breaking away, awaken discovery
Shaking to stay, try to follow the eye-line

Sleepless I've now become
Track Name: Action; Reaction
Go, take it, and what you find,
You will keep safe from anyone who would bring it to light
Be calm, they won't acknowledge the gravity of your crime

Tensions growing, weakness showing
Contain the truth that's slowly interfering with your control

Action; reaction
Action; reaction

We believed the misfortune to be issued by the "enemies" we know by name
But you've been slipping up; our eyes have opened
Are you certain your words won't start a war?
Do you know who you are fighting for?

Aren't you nervous?
Aren't you nervous?

Align when the ties are still just fragments in disguise
Revive; the reverie untempered will divide
(We can break this without breakdown)

Every distraction keeps us under;
Contains reaction; we are the enemy

We can break this without breakdown
Track Name: Never Let Go
This year I hope we never meet July
Though May was such a bumpy ride
We reached for something more than what a loaded gun could steal
But maybe what we loved was just a feeling, nothing real

Have we found ourselves?

Were we right to taste what we can't hold?
Were we right to let those feelings grow?
I'll never let go of your hands
Track Name: Continuum
Shed the weight
Forgotten embrace
Buried inside an empty space
Break me of the consciousness I leave behind
With every fading moment; disappearing
Can we; can we let go?

Will we see the day,
The last time you speak my name?
Is it just a second away?
I would only hope, if it hurts much less,
You can forget what I will keep to my death

Just one word
Speak and I break the inertia
Just one word; let go
Speak and I set us free

Are you undone?
Are you listening?
The friction's stalled
So we can let this go

I called your name as loud as thunder
Still I could not bear this weight with the energy stronger

Are you undone? Are you listening?
We've wandered back, back into familiar dreams
But if you can only stand one more second here
It's one no longer in repair

Out of sight, out of mind
Have we sustained unbroken lies?
What are we running from?